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Star Trek Bardot Party Dress Plus Size Her Universe Think Geek! Opening ...

I'm going to my first comic-con event and I wanted to wear something especially nice. After three or four days of research, I found this lovely Star Trek inspired dress. It's a 'Her Universe' brand and collab with Think Geek. So, if you are not a plus you can still buy this dress from their store. I found my dress via e-bay.

Some important things to note. This is not a true plus size; meaning they took the straight size pattern and doubled the sizes. So, the 3x fits like a 2x and so on. You can see how this affects the sizing because while the dress fits me perfectly everywhere it does not fit my bust. 

I wore the dress with and without a corset. Which option would you pick? 

My measurements currently are

Bust 48 1/2 inches
Waist 46 inches
Hips 60 inches